Capital Classic

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Bowie Wrestling Parents and Family:
First and foremost welcome to the Bowie Wrestling Family.  I am the Head Coach of the wrestling program and if you have any questions please contact me.  For anymore questions on schedules, wrestling forms or overall question you can also refer to our website
I am extremely honored to have your kid in our wrestling program and I know many of you are asking how can we help the program.  Wrestling--Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity and JV-- travel a great deal all over the state and we as a program must generate the funds to pay for these trips.  Varsity Boys will have 2 trips to Dallas, Varsity Girls will have 1 trip to Dallas and Bryan and JV will have a trip to Dallas and Bryan.  Our fundraising mainly consists of running UT concessions and 2 tournaments.  Our first fundraising tournament is also our first wrestling tournament of the year.  It is Capital Classic at DELCO.  Wrestlers know it's mandatory for all wrestlers to work both days Friday and Saturday of the tournament. (All wrestlers will be out of school all day on Friday.  JV will wrestle Friday and Varsity Boys and Girls will work.  Then on Saturday Varsity Boys and Girls will wrestle while JV works.)  As for the parents our booster club- led by the President Sheila Moreno has a sign-up time for parents to sign in to work in 3 hour shifts.  We need help from the parents to run mat tables, run the main table of the tournament, bout tree and hospitality.  The profit of this tournament goes straight to the wrestling team.  ITS FOR THE KIDS.  We need all time slots filled in order for the tournament to run smoothly and quickly.  The link to sign up is I know that some or most of you have no clue what a wrestling tournament looks like let alone how to run a table.  Do not worry the booster club, wrestlers and I  will teach and train you on how to run a table or any other job you are assigned to when you report to work your shift.  We --wrestlers, coaches and booster club-truly appreciate all the help you as parents can provide for the wrestling program. 
 The times for the tournament are Friday wrestling will begin at 12 --we would like the early shift to be there at 11:30 am--and should end around 7 pm. Saturday wrestling begin at 9:00 am--early shift workers please report at 8:30 am-- and should end at 6 pm.  However we are asking that each parent work a 3 hour shift but if you want to work more you can gladly do so. 
As for transportation of wrestlers, all wrestlers will report to Bowie at normal school time and we will board school buses to DELCO at 9:00 am.  I will then take back all wrestlers to school Friday after the JV tournament.  Saturday, varsity boys and Girls will report to Bowie at 6:15.  We will travel to DELCO at 6:30.  JV wrestlers can either meet us at Bowie at 6:15 or they can meet at DELCO at 8:30.
Remember it's mandatory for all wrestlers to work both days. 
Any more questions please feel free to contact me.  Once again, I am honored your son or daughter has taking an interest in the sport of wrestling and we look forward on having a great tournament and a great year. 

Spike Fogle
PE Teacher
Head Wrestling Coach
Freshman Football Coordinator
Austin ISD
James Bowie High School
4103 W. Slaughter Ln
Austin, TX 78749
(f) 512-292-0527


Hotels and Composite Schedule for Wrestling

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Texas Open Flyer

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Texas Open Flyer for anyone interested.  This tournament will be hosted at Bowie HS. 

TexasOpenFlyer13.doc (37.00 kb)


Beginning of the year Announcements

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Bowie Wrestling Family:

A new year is about to kick off for wrestling with new faces and changes all around.  Some of the changes is wrestling has an athletic period now--8th period.  In addition, UIL has changed the number of tournaments in a year, 7, and they also are pushing the season up a week.  District is now the third weekend of January.  Furthermore, state has a new location in Garland, TX at Curtis Cullwell Center. 

Even with all these changes Bowie wrestling is still strong and moving forward.  Here are some of the announcements you need to get the year started. 

1) You will need to get a physical and fill out other "important forms."  The website to get your physical and forms to fill out is

Also the forms are attached to the blog as well.


Please make sure all three pages from our website are filled out.  If it's not AISD sheets, our trainer will not accept it. 

After you have finished all forms please drop the physicals to our trainer- Doc Thibodeaux- at Bowie HS. 

Wrestlers in 8th period must have a physical by August 28, 2013.  We need to get started with practices ASAP.  If they do not have a physical they cannot participate.  The physical must be after April 1st, 2013. 


2)  We will have a meeting for freshman wrestlers or anyone interested who are not in the wrestling period August 28, 2013 at 8:15 in my portable Yucca 2.  I will discuss the preseason workouts.


This is an athletics class not a PE class.  Although you earn PE credit, it's a higher level of commitment. In wrestling you must be there every day when we have assigned practice or tournaments, and if he has to miss due to sickness or any other excused reason the wrestler will have to notify me by a phone call or email.  


3) Our main fundraiser for wrestling is to run a concession stand at a UT football game.  To sign up to volunteer for UT concessions or any questions please contact Cara Lemm--

4)  Please look at the calendar for upcoming events and times for Bowie wrestling.  The calendar is on the website under calendar.

 5)  Also, I have started the twitter account.  This will help us stay updated in all the Bowie Wrestling Action.  Follow bowiewrestling on Twitter. 

Thanks for all the help from everyone--wrestlers, families and the community that supports us.  It is an honor and a privilege to coach these young men and ladies in the oldest sport known to human kind. 

I am looking forward to another great year and GO DAWGS!!!! 


Spike Fogle



2013 Physical Form English.pdf (121.07 kb)

2013 Physical Form Spanish.pdf (115.69 kb)

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